We’ll Be Back!


We’ll be back on the airwaves January 10 2014! This time with even more PHATASTIC beats and Hippo fun!

Happy Holidays!

-Hana & Sarah


We’re on the AIRWAVES


PHAT AS A HIPPO airs from 9-11 AM every Friday. It is the one and only fabulous radio show that brings you everything that is hot and energetic, specializing in everything that is multi-cultural, multi-dimensional electro and pop! So make sure to crank up your dials and tune in to 94.9 FM if you’re in London, Ontario. If you’re not, you can stream us online at chrwradio.ca to get that necessary PHAT added to your day!

DJs Hana & Sarah

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Am I an Adult? (Can Not Be Determined at This Time)


So true!

brunch for every meal

Like I said in yesterday’s post, I turned 25 this month, and it’s strange because I still feel like I’m in high school. It’s not like I’m clinging to youth or anything, in fact, I’m excited to turn 30 in the near future. I’ve found that every six months or so I become a little less of an asshole, so I’m hoping by 30 I’ll be a real hip woman in charge of her own destiny, getting her clothes tailored, not eating as much processed foods, the whole thing.


But for now, I can’t tell- am I an adult? Let’s look at the evidence:

ADULT: I have aged out of eligibility to be on The Real World because apparently 25 is too old to catch syphilis in a hot tub while you experiment with your sexuality. What if I’m a late bloomer, huh, MTV?

NON-ADULT: Still too young to be…

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Legged Things



Anything with legs, even a table, shouldn’t be eaten today or even tomorrow. A legged thing you eat now will symbolically eat you later. Be wary.

Till next time darlings!

Madame Rubie